Data transfer with Synapse Insite server

We always aim to supply our customers in quick time. With Synapse Insite we offer you the possibility to transfer data in a similarly rapid and convenient way. If you have no personal access data you can request these from your customer consultant.

With Synapse Insite you can issue your printing approvals per mouse click via a web-based FTP server or else register any changes you desire.
you receive access to your orders currently being processed by us.

You can also upload data to our Synapse Insite server via a web browser. As soon as our production process reaches the “request approval” phase you receive a message per e-mail. Then log yourself in to issue approval.

Instructions for Synapse Insite are available at

Secure data transfer

For secure data transfer we use Secure FTP (SFTP). The connection is established via SSH (regular port 22) and encrypted.
The contents of a directory are also output via the encrypted connection.
Instead of transferring many individual PDFs, please create a zip file.

(You must select the SFTP transfer protocol in your FTP client software.)
or as a web client 

Please apply via your order manager for a customer access!

We can also fetch data from your FTP server
Please consult your contact person concerning this. We will need your IP address, user name and password. For queries concerning data transfer or data creation, please get in touch with your contact person or Bernd Heimburger, the system administrator for prepress, T +49 7821 945-154

Data info

Here you can find various instructions (in German) to simplify the creation of your printable PDF data. We are of course available per telephone for any help you may require and for also information in other languages.

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